VMO overactive or weak?

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    hi all,

    Struggling with medial knee pain. I have been working on the adductors as they are tight (especially right leg gracilis) which feels like there is some improvement in pain when walking. However, as yet, little improvement on the bike. I also ride with my saddle a little low (1cm but used to be 3cm) due to calf injury. Everything I have read tells me that the VMO is weak. However, my VMO seems to be overactive as when I use a foam roller it is very sore in this area which makes me think it's the low saddle that is causing overactive VMO and my knee pain. So my question is; is my VMO sore because it's weak or is it because it's overactive? Incidentally, when I massage the VMO the knee pain is worse a couple of hours later.

    Best regards, Knight987