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Peter Moran

---from those of the "if it ain't so, it should be!!!" school of science.

"Autism and Vaccines"

Wall Street Journal (www.wsj.com) (02/09/04) P. A26

An editorial in the Wall Street Journal was written after a surprising response the paper received
from a previous editorial about vaccines, in which the editorialist had noted that although there is
concern that the preservative thimerosal, once used in vaccines, may be the cause of the rise in
autism cases in children over the past 30 years. There is no scientific data to reflect that

Letters and e-mail messages subsequently written to the paper accused the editorialist of "fraud," a
"terrorist act," and presenting an "industry profit promoting agenda," language that is also being
used in other arenas by a relatively small minority of the population that uses its voice to stifle
others that have an opposing view.

The editorialist noted that such vociferous reaction to one statement of fact reflects a dangerous
movement toward the suppression of scientific information for the advancement of a personal
viewpoint in attacks on respected organizations. For example, the National Alliance for Autism
Research, which is steadfastly independent, found through a rigorous Danish study it co-funded that
there is probably no association between the measles-mumps-rubella combination vaccine and autism,
yet naysayers immediately attacked the group and slandered its activities despite its record of
thoughtful research.

The editorial notes that "researchers have spent years studying the vaccine-autism link, and we hope
they continue. But if the research disproves a connection--as it has up to now--the autism community
needs to listen and move on," as research funding only stretches so far and "parents of autistic
children deserve to see the money spent where it will do the most good."

Some common sense there.

Peter Moran
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>---from those of the "if it ain't so, it should be!!!" school of science.

From one who says:

*All medical advances have entailed risk, ever since the first caveman said"I wonder what this
berry does?".

Using retroviruses to try and correct lethal and potentially lethal gene defects is a very
legitimate and logic alavenue of medical research. So this is nothing to do with "conspiracies",
"coverups" .

It is a matter of the quality of informed consent that was applied. It would be unusual these days
for such issues to not be addressed carefully by the researchers and the ethics committees to which
all clinical trials are submitted thesedays. We cannot know how culpable the doctors are from this
rather emotive news item.


AFTER reading the FACTS!!!!

*Years earlier, a scientist just a few miles away from the Gelsinger’s home in Tucson had raised
serious questions about whether the experiment was safe.


• Feb. 8, 2002: FDA letter, attempt to ban Dr. Wilson from other experiments. • March 3, 2000:
FDA Warning Letter, original findings about the gene therapy experiment.

(No coverups there,,,,,,,,,,,,,)

The trouble is, Paul Gelsinger says, Dr. Wilson’s team had never told him that anyone had ever
raised questions about safety

(That's fine and dandy according to organized medicine member, Peter Moran.)

ADVERSE REACTIONS WERE NOT REPORTED And that was just the beginning. Federal investigators, pouring
through Penn’s records, announced at the conference that they had made a series of startling
discoveries, raising questions about whether the doctors had covered up problems and broken basic
test rules.

In fact, just a few months before Jesse had signed up for the experiment, several monkeys given
viruses similar to Jesse’s got sick. And two of them died.

(No coverup there)

The rules for the experiment said: Even if volunteers didn’t get visibly ill, if tests showed that
any of them had a significant reaction called “grade 3,” the experiment was supposed to be
“halted” immediately. Records show there were “grade 3” reactions in more than one patient.
The first time, doctors stopped, called the government and got permission to continue, saying an
unusual condition with the patient might have been the cause. The second time, they stopped, called
and got permission again, citing another unusual condition. But when it happened a third time, they
didn’t stop, didn’t call. Then, a fourth time. They didn’t stop or call then either

(No coverups there).

For their own safety, volunteers weren’t supposed to have a blood ammonia level higher than
50. But people were coming in with higher levels and without proper approval. The limit was
raised to 70. When Jesse signed up over the summer, he was within the limits, but records
show that when Penn doctors tested him, just days before the experiment, his reading was 114
— more than double the original safety limit.

(That's way cool huh Peter???)

HIGH FINANCIAL STAKES With so many red flags from the monkey deaths to the reactions in other
volunteers, even to Jesse’s own ammonia levels, Why had Dr. Wilson’s team allowed the experiment
to continue?

(Wonder if Peter can answer this question?)

At the University of Pennsylvania, the conflict committee approved Dr. Wilson’s
arrangement with Genovo. In fact, the university itself owned a piece of his company and
stood to profit, too.


In a statement, the university acknowledged that some information “should have been shared
with the FDA sooner.”

(Just a minor little slip,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,)

There was no information given to Jesse or his family about the monkey deaths. There was no
information given to Jesse or his family about toxic results in prior patients. There was no
information that would allow Jesse and his family to make any kind of informed decision.”

(Peter STILL can't see any coverup!!!! NO dishonesty!)


He told congress that other private companies in the race for cures had also been doing gene
therapy experiments and had also gotten adverse reactions. But instead of sharing the
information, government rules allowed them to stamp those reactions “confidential,”
classifying them as trade secrets to protect their research investments. So, while the
government knew about them, other researchers like Dr. Wilson and volunteers like Jesse
Gelsinger were never allowed to see them.

(TRust the government!!!)

“I was outraged,” says Paul. “I had a right to know. Jesse had a right to know.

(Oh my,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,emotions).

***In February, the Food and Drug Administration said that because Dr. Wilson filed “false and
misleading” reports and “repeatedly and deliberately violated regulations ****


***Dr. Wilson filed “false and misleading” reports and “repeatedly and deliberately violated
regulations ***

(No coverups,,,,,,,,,,no fraud,,,,,,,,,,no deliberate violations,,,,,,,,,,,,)

This week marks the third anniversary of Jesse Gelsinger’s death. At the University of
Pennsylvania, Dr. Wilson

****is still on the faculty****

(Soooooooooo in organized medicine,,,,,,,,,,,)

****Filing *false and misleading reports* is A OK,,,,,,,,,,,,****

****REPEATED and DELIBERATE violations,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,is A OK.***

but no longer in charge of its gene therapy program. And, in Congress, lawmakers are still debating
legislation to provide more protection for medical volunteers.

******in the end, whether Jesse was betrayed by the doctors he and his family thought they could


So much for Peter Moran. member of EVIL organized medicine.



Though the MMR-autism question

***appear to be resolved,***

science is always a work in progress; a conclusion is only as good as the methods of the analysis.
The epidemiological studies, traditional public health tools used to examine the risk factors for a
disease on a population level,were at a disadvantage here because there is little variation in
exposure to MMR since children in most developed countries are vaccinated similarly.

***Furthermore, the difficulties in diagnosing and determining the exact onset of autism in children
make it difficult to design appropriate studies and compare the results from those studies.

*** The committee acknowledges they could **not rule out another possibility***--that MMR vaccine
could contribute to ASDin a small number of children--

***because existing epidemiological tools may not have enough precision todetect the occurrence of
rare effects like ASD.***

"Attention should be given to how the material is perceived and used by those with the right and
desire to know--***the parents of children about to be immunized or those who believe theirchild has
been adversely affected," the committee says. "Direct input from parents and other stakeholders
would be invaluable in conducting a systematic and effective evaluation of current communication