Voluntary, Life-Time Ban Challenge to all competitive cyclist!

Discussion in 'Road Cycling' started by CowPunk, Oct 17, 2004.

  1. CowPunk

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    Face it, a 2 year ban is a joke...

    I challenge ALL competitive cyclist to sign a
    voluntary life-time ban agreement, whereby, if
    you test positive for any "performance enhancing"
    drug, you will voluntarily remove yourself from
    competitive cycling for life...

    I will even create the website for you... for free.

    The agreements will be PUBLIC, and you will be on
    your own HONOR to obide by this agreement. Should
    you fail a drug test, it will be up to you to remove
    yourself from the sport, or face the SHAME, of
    returning to competition, where all your fellow
    competitors will be aware of your broken promise.

    I won't even include "stimulants" in the agreement...
    IMHO, 2 years is reasonable for that.
    I'm talking about steroids and blood doping.

    Any takers????? Saunders, DeCanio, Spinelli, Carney????

  2. CowPunk

    CowPunk Guest

    What if we gave away a red bracelet to everyone who
    signs the "lifetime ban agreement"?