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Mar 5, 2010
On Point Foundation supports disabled service members by helping them make the the transition from "Front Line to Finish Line". We do this by joining together as athletes and racing for a cause instead of just for ourselves. We race as team name ImONPoint.org - WHAT EVER in every type of event we can in order to raise awareness and funds. I race as ImONPoint.org - Loose Screws, because I have six titanium screws in my spine.

As a NON disabled volunteer athlete, YOU, On Point Foundation promotes you as an athlete in ways that only a professional team can. We assign you a spot on our website blog, give you access to update it, promote your race bio, and we track all of our athletes events throughout the USA on our events page.

Also as a non disabled volunteer athlete you receive all the discounts our sponsors offer. We are growing and large sponsor are coming on board soon. We are working everyday to get more local shops.

We want people that want to support disabled service members by doing nothing more then you are already doing, RACING, but for a cause and trying to raise funds for the organization. We give you a dedicated part of our website to accomplish this where you and your followers can post and leave comments on our blog. No one in the organization makes money, this is all volunteer basis, including the board and executive staff. There is no requirement to raise money at all, but we all give our best effort to each raise $1000 a year. Without donations no foundation can succeed.

All we ask is that you purchase one of our jerseys, we make no money from the jerseys, but it is hard to be part of a team if we do not look like one. We ask each volunteer to purchase the jersey so our faithful donors do not have to. We can get jerseys of all shapes and sizes for all disciplines of sports. Not ready for a jersey today, no issues, we will get you started and when you able to purchase one then you can get one.

Please contact us if you are interested at [email protected].

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