Volunteer's Needed (Tour of Utah)

Lonnie Utah

Aug 21, 2004
This is basically for folks here in Utah, but if you're going to be in the area, what the heck it might be fun...

I've signed up to help. They still are looking for folks. They need maybe 100-200 more folks. Here are some of the jobs listed.

Course Marshal Captain:
Course Marshal:
Traveling Course Marshal:
Rail Road Captain:
Rail Road Crossing:
Sponsor Banner Captain:
Transportation: Captain will be driving a large truck
Signage Captain:
Course Signs:
Traveling Moto Marshals:
Course Safety Captain:
Course Safety:
Course Clean up Captain:
Course Clean up:
Radio Captain:
Expo Decorators:
Start Cities:
Finish Cities:
Medical Control

(I'm pretty sure) They will provide meals for some of the jobs listed about. I think you also get a t-shirt and some other swag.

If any of you guys/girls ride motorcycles, the traveling "moto marshal's" sound really cool. Basically you follow in front of an behind the race on your motorcycle.

Check the age range on some of the jobs, this might be a good boy scout project etc...

Thanks for looking.

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