Vortek e-bikes:

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    Apr 16, 2018
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    We are offering a rare opportunity f>or individuals or corporates to express interest in launching a new advanced range of e-bikes into the UK.
    Our company specialises in exporting UK products to China and has two offices in that jurisdiction. However, we have been working in partnership with designers and manufacturers developing a range of electric bicycles. The style and construction of our bikes brings a new exciting component to the market place. For instance the batteries are contained within the frame.
    The e-bike sales growth has been remarkable throughout Europe and it will continue to flourish. We are confident that we have a high build quality bike at extremely competitive prices.
    We are open to all suggestions regarding the format of a working cooperation eg granting national master franchise rights, exclusivity agreement or JV.
    Please contact me (paulwoodhouse@trade-xl.com) to explore the opportunity further.