VR in Sweden this Saturday

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  1. Maybe I'm a bit late, but good luck to those riding the 300 km
    Vätternrundan in Motala, Sweden this Saturday. My 1994 VR was one
    of the high points of my cycling life.

    Actually the first packs of cyclists start Friday evening. It only gets
    semi-dark for about 4 hours (11PM-3AM) at this time of year.

    It is way too late to sign up! The quota of 17500 cyclists was reached
    in January!
    Incredibly, there are still 11 cyclists who have finished every single
    VR since 1966 and are trying again for the 40th time!

    The ride goes around the lake Vättern, the second biggest (in area) lake
    in Sweden. In the local dialect, Vättern (older spelling is Wettern)
    means simply "The Water".

    Some English info at:

    Lycka Till!
    VR-1994 #15381


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