Vya headlight


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May 6, 2020
Just purchased a headlight that is exact size and build as my Vya taillight. Had a great deal on it at BTD and I even had darn customer bucks sitting there from almost a decade ago!!!!

Got it for just over $10 in the end.....well, minus that pesky shipping.
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Hello Germanrazor,
Actually, I have one of the 800 Lumen Bike Headlight. It is powered by Cygolite and provides plenty of light to be able to ride safely even with no other light sources. I buy this Lumen bike headlight deal from.The main advantage of this light covers long-range, smooth beam, not limited to tonight.
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Never heard of it so I looked up some vids on yt, looks pretty weak for a headlight at $70.
If you want to spend less than $100 then I would recommend the MagicShine Allty 1500, it will run a minimum of 2 hours which is on the high setting of course.

Why did I say that light? What makes me an expert? Nothing makes me an expert but you can do what I did and compare all the lights for yourself here: https://lights.road.cc/index-wide.php When I did the MagicShine won against lights under $100.