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Discussion in 'Cycling Equipment' started by Doug Goncz, Nov 18, 2003.

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  1. Doug Goncz

    Doug Goncz Guest

    Performance set me up with gearing today.

    53 / 39 / 24 front, 11 - 34 rear

    This is for the ultracapacitor bike, so I can pedal down hill, storing energy through regenerative
    overdrive for uphill use. Yes, I did the math. It will work, and you'll be less tired at the end of
    your ride. As for coming in first in a race, I was not even looking for that.

    We're using an R440 (R4400?) front derailer, which Captain Bike says is the only mountain bike
    compatible road derailer. The derailer will work with my straight handlebars and Alivio integrated
    brake/shifter set. I've got a weird "dropped" straight bar setup. My back is very limber. Maybe the
    drop is why the steering is so twitchy. Maybe the new fork will change that. I know the weight of
    cargo in the new front baskets will smooth it out a lot.

    What does one call fat tires, fenders, straight bars, and wide range together? A mountain
    touring bike?

    The cargo arrangement would indicate that: insulated rack trunk and two Wald folding baskets, with
    two more coming. I can already carry 4 gallons of milk, or two toaster ovens. 30-40 pounds of just
    about any crap.


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Thread Status:
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