WA: Have Your Say - Maintenance of Main Roads Shared Paths


Andrew Priest


From the MRD website:

About the survey to evaluate Main Roads shared-path maintenance trial

Over the last sixth months, there has been a shared-path maintenance
trial. We now want to find out how effective this has been.

Already, we have received regular feedback about the standard of
maintenance. As a result of this feedback an improved set of
maintenance standards is being trialled. We now need to find out if
these standards will be operationally possible.

Since April 2007, a two-person crew has been dedicated to the
maintenance of Main Roads controlled shared paths. View or download
the map linked below to see where these paths are located.

* Map of Main Roads controlled shared paths - A3 size
(1-page PDF 540 KB opens in a new window).

The paths are inspected at least once a week more frequently in areas
where they are used a lot or require extra maintenance - and the crew
do the following jobs:

* maintain and clear obstructive or hazardous vegetation;
* surface maintenance;
* drainage maintenance;
* monitor and maintain structures (fencing and retaining walls) within
the Main Roads controlled path;
* maintain signs, line marking, bollards and grab rails; and
* monitoring and maintenance in respect to debris, litter, graffiti,
lighting and vandalism.

Note: the maintenance crew are not responsible for improvements or the
construction of new paths and facilities - for example, installing new
lighting, signs or line marking.

The survey can be found at http://snipurl.com/1og65 and the map at

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