wachovia cycling series



is anyone that considers themselves a decent amatuer photographer going to
the wachovia cycling series events at lancaster, trenton and/or
philadelphia? i want to cover these events but i can't due to having to
still make a living. i took off a week for the tour de georgia. i will be
at the athens twilight event and am taking off three weeks for the tour de
france and that is all the work i can afford to miss.
if anyone wants to shoot the event for me here is what i can do for you.
i will give you a letter that will allow you to get press credintials and a
coolbicycling.com staff t-shirt. then all you have to do is send in a press
application and you will have the best seat in the house for photos. you
can retain the permanent rights to your photos, just allow me to use them on
my website in low to medium resolution. my website has no sponsors and no
budget. i do this because i like cycling. if you want to help out then
drop me an email at [email protected]