waffles made of cake mix-Does this work?

Discussion in 'Food and nutrition' started by [email protected], Mar 26, 2006.

  1. Watching a shopping channel yesterday re: a Wolfgang puck 1200 watt
    waffle maker, one of those you pour the batter, then immediately turn
    over. They were making all sorts of waffles, and even cooking eggs.
    Evidently the waffles take about 3 minutes; and, they were also cooking
    beaten eggs and just egg whites, which cooked in 1 minute. The egg
    things were sort of cute, never thought of using a waffle maker though.

    Anyway, they were making waffles out of cake mix, supposedly taking the
    same 3 minutes to finish. One example was this really yummy looking red
    velvet cake mix waffles.

    Has anyone tried making waffles with cake mix? Does that really work as
    simply as portrayed, or, is some adjustment made to the batter, other
    than the regular package directions. They talked about using
    gingerbread cake batter, and, other heavier batters - yet, everything
    done in the 3 minutes.

    If you've ever tried cake mix in a waffle maker, would like to hear how
    it all went.