Wahoo Fitness App - Importing to WKO+


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Oct 24, 2004
This post will probably only be of benefit to a very small percentage of folk training with power, but since I waffled around last night struggling with how to import data from the iPhone Wahoo Fitness app to WKO+ for over an hour this may help some other poor soul that may also have the same struggle and stumble across this while searching the web.

Previously (earlier this year) the method was to upload to TrainingPeaks.com from the phone via wifi and then within WKO+ use the Download from TrainingPeaksc.om back into WKO+, but this was not working for me and there was not a clear statement on TrainingPeaks (at least not in my websearch and searching from their website) that they have changed this menu option within WKO+ to paying Premium Members. The folks at TrainingPeaks can correct me if what I am saying is not true. This is just based on what I could figure out late last night try to find a solution.

Anyway the solution is rather easy and is described on my blog.


Maybe it will be helpful to someone.
Grateful to the folks at Wahoo Fitness for adding the option of generating several file formats and the ability to email the files. I don't remember seeing that option back in January when I was using the iPhone during that period.

I am still not sure if what I said above is true about the Download from TrainingPeaks feature within WKO+ is now only available to Premium members on TrainingPeaks.com. All I know is it once worked without a hitch and now it does not.

There is this response from TP saying that you do not have to be a Premium member

and then there is this


This mentions Bulk Download, but I only see one Download option under the File....Download menu within WKO+

I wanted to add clarity to my first post that I am not really sure why I cannot download any longer. All I know is that it no longer works for my edition. I would be nice to have the iPhone added into the Device Agent as a direct upload. Just a few more days of doing these extra steps for the uploads.

A new Garmin 800 is on the way back to me so all is well anyway.