Waight for UNICON?

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  1. Lars Lottrup

    Lars Lottrup Guest

    How many unicycles are you bringing for UNICON? And how do you make it work
    with the tight waight restrictions?

    From Denmark we are only allowed to bring 20 kg. And with 3 unicycles, I end
    up wearing all my other luggage.

    How have other people splved that? Or what are your luggage limitations?

    Lars Lottrup


    A pic from our recent National:
    http://www.unicykel.com/billeder/LM 2004/Jepser-Andersen/LM2004-043.jpg

    See more at www.unicykel.com under "Billeder" (LM=Nationals)

  2. GizmoDuck

    GizmoDuck Guest

    I'm bringing my Coker and 29'er. Between them I'll bring along with
    110, 125, 150 and maybe 102mm cranks. I'll be using the same pedals and
    seat in forder to save some weight. They both go in the same Coker bag
    (I had one made up specially when I was travelling earlier this year).
    Other unicycle equipment- Helmet, gloves, cycle jersey and shorts, and
    maybe my 661 Veggie shins. I estimate that will come to roughly
    18-20kg. Also will avoid bringing anything more than a spanner/crank
    puller and 5mm allen key.

    I emailed the organisers and they seem to think I could borrow a 24'er
    for the track racing. They're not my specialty events, so not too
    fussed about not using my own equipment. I did contemplate building up
    a 24' using wheel that could be fitted to my 29'er frame.

    Apart from that I'm trying to travel light- just a sports bag for my
    clothes/stuff- hopefully with just that I can avoid paying excess or
    getting charged for a b*ke

    I'll have a small backpack as hand luggage, with my helmet attached.

    Seeya there!

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  3. nathan

    nathan Guest

    Another unfortunate fact of life about travel today is that while you
    might want to throw the heavy stuff into your carry-on baggage, in
    general you can't. Be very careful not to bring any metal items in your
    carry-on that could be considered tools. I once got busted for a pair of
    pedals - they say with a straight face that pedals are tools and are not
    allowed. Also you probably have a 15kg limit on carry-on just due to the
    overhead bins not being all that strong.

    Of course for Lars and Ken, the rules are a little relaxed assuming your
    flights don't go through any part of the US. But I'd still be very
    careful about metal stuff.

    We have a less restrictive weight allowance - have to check my ticket
    but it's either 50 or 70lb (22.7 or 31.7kg).


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  4. sarah.miller

    sarah.miller Guest

    I'll be doing like Lars, and wearing most of my clothes onto the
    2 unis and an alternative crank and pedal set up and a hockey stick and
    pro and basic tools brings me to about the 17kg mark. With a 20 kg hold
    luggage limit and 5kg carry on limit!

    Oh for the old days like on the way to China for Unicon 10 when my bum
    bag weighed in at 5 kg and my hand lugage at 15 or so. even tho the
    limit was 5! I had all my cranks and pedals in handluggage.

    Thats why I wil not have a coker with me at unicon. I will be buying
    shower gel and the like once I arrive, and having an event T ordered
    means I need to take one less T shirt.


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  5. johnfoss

    johnfoss Guest

    Yes, I think your weight allowance goes by airline. I believe ours
    (United) is actually higher than what it was last year for NAUCC in
    Minnesota. For that trip I had to pay the overweight charge in both

    For Unicon XII I'm bringing only 2 unicycles, but a bunch of extra parts
    to make one of them flexible. One is my 20" Freestyle and the other is
    my 29er, "The racing unicycle of the future!" The 29er will be good for
    the new 700c races, the 10k, and the MUni events. I will have two tires
    and several sets of cranks.

    Then there is all the stuff that goes with the unicycles: safety gear,
    spare tubes, tools, small pump. Remember folks, Japanese bike tires have
    funky valves. If you have schrader valves especially, bring a mini pump
    if you have one!

    Then there will be clothes, gifts, and paperwork, along with my laptop
    computer and everything associated with that, including a spare battery
    and bunches of CDs/DVDs. Don't forget the extra pair of shoes for the

    At least my camera is smaller and lighter than what I used to use. I
    went from a big, heavy camera bag that was its own piece of luggage, to
    one small section in my butt bag for camera, spare battery, extra memory
    card, lens tissue, and even the charger! My film setup was a 35mm
    camera, three lenses, and a little 35mm camera for the butt bag. Plus a
    flash, and batteries for the flash. Don't forget all the film!

    I will have a multi-card reader, so I'll be able to download pictures
    from just about any type of camera if people run out of space. Then I
    might even be able to burn them to CD!

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