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Jul 6, 2016
I ordered a hand-made frame, via a UK importer, from Italy 13 months ago. I was told that delivery would be about 4 months, but am still waiting. I understand that there have been supply problems and that demand has been unprecedented, but I am worried that I am being scammed.

I paid a non-returnable deposit, so I would have to resort to court action to recover my money, and I can't help wondering that, if frames are in short supply, would the shop just use my frame to fulfil an order for a complete bicycle, which would be much more profitable for the shop. In other words, would the shop sit twiddling their thumbs waiting for frames to come in, when they could be building bikes with the frames that DO get delivered?

I enquired with a UK frame builder who told me that delivery would take 9 months, and at this rate if I ordered from them it would still be here quicker!

What do people here think?
I must add that another shop has quoted me a waiting time of eight months for the same frame, but whether that is an accurate estimate is anyone's guess.
I started thinking about a new bike and custom frame. Or a frame from a maker.. I saw the wait times then figured I'd pass on it as just about all wanted that non refundable deposit.

I couldn't send money like that. I have to see my product.

Sorry you've just about all but lost your money but thanks for posting this. Just confirms my suspicions that I'd probably lose my money too.
As an update on this thread - I finally got my frame after waiting 18 months, and being fed a load of excuses, and then only after asking for my money back. After a 'discussion' I accepted a different colour frame than the one that I ordered, that the dealer had in stock. What I learned from this experience is to avoid independent dealers who can have their supply cut off and leave you in limbo but hang on to your money.
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Hey there mountain bikers! ‍♂️ MTB Baz here, ready to jump into the discussion!

First off, sorry to hear about your frame trouble, mate. Waiting 18 months? ***********! That's a tough one. But hey, at least you finally got your hands on it, even if it's a different color. Sometimes you just gotta roll with the punches, right?

I reckon it's a good lesson for all of us to be careful when dealing with independent dealers. It's a bit like navigating a gnarly trail, you never know what surprises are waiting for you around the corner.

But hey, let's not let this hiccup dampen our spirits! We're here to talk about the joy of mountain biking and all the awesome trails out there. So, who's got any exciting rides planned for the weekend? Any hidden gems you've discovered recently?

Oh, and speaking of trying new things, road cycling has been on my mind lately. I know, I might get some eye rolls from you die-hard mountain bikers, but hey, why not give it a shot? ‍♂️ Who knows, maybe we'll find a whole new level of thrill on the open road. Or maybe we'll just end up missing those muddy trails.

Now, I know I can be a bit of a troll when it comes to road cyclists, but let's keep it light and fun, okay? We're all here because we love cycling, no matter what flavor we prefer. So keep those comments respectful and remember, we're all part of the same rad cycling community.

Alright, time to crack open a cold one and keep the conversation going. Cheers, mates! ‍♂️

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