Walls Cornetto Advert seeks female cyclist

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    Casting : Cornetto 2 - Commercial
    Dates : Cast Sun 9th April shoot availability 19-22 & 24th April
    Fees : £250 per day + £250 buyout. 1 year UK TV (include Client & agency website). This means you could make anywhere between £500 and £1500. Background work is £70 a day, so you could get £70-£350.

    Our Hero walks through the streets of London singing the famous Wall's Ice Cream Cornetto song. "Just One Cornetto,
    Give it to me.... "etc etc.(It is sung to the Opera tune of O solo Mio) IT IS NOT SUNG IN AN OPERATIC WAY But in a way that 'regular people' would sing. There are series of characters that pick up a single line or word of the song as our Hero makes his way through London. He ends up in Piccadilly Circus with the final line of the song: "...From Wall's Ice Creeeeaaaaam! The money is far from what it should be so i will look at everyone who
    is up for it. please send me real London characters - all races. WOULD REALLY LIKE TO SEE REAL, GREAT LONDON CHARACTERS.

    FEMALE BICYCLE COURIER : I would love to find real female bicycle couriers. However if not a genuine one then I need women that train and race regularly. Women 21-35yrs That can ride a bike through traffic and sing at the same time!
    Should be in shape and LOOK LIKE THEY RIDE A BICYCLE AT HIGH SPEEDS IN TRAFFICE ALL DAY LONG!!! Please state in the comments box that they ride a bicycle VERY WELL and if they are ACTUALLY A bike courier. MUST BE ABLE TO HOLD A TUNE. Doesn't have to be a great singer though. I will also look at women that attend serious bike riding meets or
    bicycle clubs etc.

    There's an open castcall on SUNDAY 9TH APRIL 10am-5pm at Diorama 1, 34 Osnaburgh Street NW1 3ND

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