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> Andrew

Warning (and I dont normally do this kinda thing)

This product is imported by a known and active paedophile who has AIDS

He uses his OS trips to SEAsia (when seeing his suppliers) to do... I'll
leave that to you to figure out...

He 'was' a work colleague until i was informed of his activities. He
runs BlueOpal/Henderson McPherson

So next time you see a BO product (games/puzzle) locally, just think of
what your cash is funding

Oh, and for those who think Im being dramatic. Its fact. He has a
record. Sadly he also has kids...


D&M Johnston

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> The "original engine-noise make for your bicycle"!!
> What about cardboard and clothes pegs hey!
> What a ripoff!

Oh mate, that used to be fun as a kid.....we used playing cards as they made
a sharper sound and also just to make it look good, we used to get those
round coloured plastic tabs from the top of beer kegs down at our local
bowling club (some of the men there used to save them for us) and we'd stick
them through our spokes and had really nice coloured wheels.Mostly red and
Mum used to go a bit crook on us about going through so many clothes
pegs...she still prefered the wooden ones at that time.
> I can just imagine Lance Armstong tearing down the mountain hairpins
> with one of these on.
> Marty