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  1. This was something that came together rather quickly, so I couldn't give
    much notice. Some of you may have heard that a local newspaper (In Los
    Angeles County) is doing a feature story (could be a FULL page story!)
    on "Extreme Unicycling", Muni in particular. The reporter and I are
    meeting tomorrow (Sunday, 3/5/06) at "Devil's Slide" in Simi Valley
    (CA). Unfortunatley, the group I have just recently started riding with
    cannot make it because of prior location commitment in Santa Barbara,
    (which, because of deadlines and time constraints was too far for the
    reporter to travel) so I am just putting out this invite to anyone who
    would like to join us to be part of the story! You will be interviewed
    and photographed riding muni. You would have to be there at 10am, and
    bring your Muni; trials would be alright as long as you can ride it in
    very rocky terrain. If you live anywhere in LA County, or within
    reasonable driving distance of Simi Valley, let me know asap! I am also
    working on getting local/national TV exposure for Muni! PM me if you
    can make it, or post here as well. :D


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