Wanted: 110mm BCD Chain Rings


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Apr 10, 2011
Hi all.

I am building a tandem and am struggling for Chain rings.

I bought a set of Thorn 110mm BCD triple /double Tandem cranks for the rear.

I have Two sets of Deore triple 110mm BCD MT60s with one set of rings (28,38,48)

1 set of duraace 130mm BCD 53/39

1 Set of 300EX Biopace 130mm 52/40

1 set of 105 130mm BCD 51/39

I'd like to stick with 110mm thoughout, using the 175mm Deores on front and cut down 170mm Deores for a Kidback kit.

I'm intending to quad ring the rear chain set to have a singleside drive, and leave the left rear for the kidback.

My problem is, I need 2 more matched pairs of chain rings!!

The only set I have is 28/38/48, which is a bit low for when the boy gets strong enough for us to really cane it.

so going to a 52-54 would be ideal.

That leaves me the old 48 as a synch ring, so I'd need another 48T 110.

Probably doesn't need as many teeth for the kidback as it won't need to last as long and will run less power, so 38-42 on that, so a Pair of those in 110mm.

If I can't get 110BCD rings, then I could use a set of my 130BCD cranks on the front and kid back.

I have 51, 52, 53, 39, 39 rings in 130mm so I'd need just a 52 or 53 110BCD and a 39 110BCD.

Hoping you guys can help!



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Apr 10, 2011
Yes Unfortunately, I've been trawling ebay for the past couple of weeks.

Can't find 2 of the same for a reasonable price.


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Jul 23, 2005
Steel chainrings are cheap ...

You should be able to find a couple of 42t, steel chainrings in various BCDs.

Check your LBS for cast offs.


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Aug 18, 2011
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