Wanted: Moots YBB 18 or 19 inch frame/bike (23 - 23.5 tt)

Discussion in 'rec.bicycles.marketplace' started by Jason M., Jun 30, 2004.

  1. Jason M.

    Jason M. Guest

    ~ Moots YBB ~
    If you are selling this as a frame, frame with parts, or complete
    bicycle, please contact me. I want to buy the Moots and sell my
    Litespeed Unicoi.

    I currently own a Litespeed Unicoi that is just a bit too short in the
    top tube for me. Excellent bike, but tight in the cockpit.

    I can afford to pay up to $1500. Older frames are fine, as long as
    dimensions and geometry are close to current frames produced.

    jmoore<removethis>[email protected]<removethis>uccs.<removethis>edu