Wanted: S/H Road/Touring/Audax bike

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I really want to get serious about commuting to work this year (45 mile round trip). In order to do
this I need to purchase another (yes another!) bike that I can use solely for the job. I'm after
something that I can fit (or has fitted) full mudguards and a rack to. STI would be nice, but I can
certainly live with downtube shifters. Drop bars is a must.

I don't want to lay out too much money because it will be locked up where it 'could' be stolen. Age
is not a problem, but something in fair condition would be nice (although I don't mind spending some
time repairing scratches and small amounts of light rust). Mechanically sound would be best, but I
can carry out most jobs if necessary.

I don't want to limit myself by saying a value but less than £100 would be good, but I would
consider anything suitable.

I'm 5ft 11" so about 56cm would be the right size.

Please email me with anything you may have, whether it be a beater for £20 that needs some loving or
something smart at 10 times that price that you know would suit me down to the ground.

The bike will be restored, loved and accumulate many thousands of miles, so rest assure it would be
going to a good home (if you want to take this into account when quoting a price I won't be
offended! I live in East London but would be willing to travel a 'fair' distance to view/purchase.

Thanks in advance.

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Are you a CTC member? The back of Cycle usually has bikes just like this. If you're not a member
send me an email & I'll mail you back a scan of the next lot (due soonish).

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