Wanted to buy - Spinergy Rev-X Roks

Hello all,

I'm scouring the Internet looking for these. Some one you may have
seen me all over Craigslist of mtbr.com, but I'd figure I'd try this
group. I'm looking for the four-spoke versions, not the six (Roks XE).

Why would you want those?!? You ask, as your mind reverts back to 1998
when the [insert critical part of the real wheel here] broke after 3
rides. Just 'cause.

I'm not concerned with physical blemishes, scratches, missing stickers,
etc. They just have to work. Dont tell me to go to ebay... I'm over
getting auction sniped. That said, I'm willing to pay a fair price
plus shipping.

Email me [email protected] Thanks!

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