Wanted To Show Off My New Schwinn Hybrid Super Sport 1


Jul 1, 2015
I know this is technically not a road bike but I sure passed a lot of road bikes today. From what I read these bike shop Schwinns are made by Giant.


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Hmm, what can I say to that? Great bike simply because it is brand new, hahahaaa. But seriously, I admire that bike and I am getting excited with my plan to buy a new one of my own. Pardon me for asking, the handlebar seemed odd to me that the are pointing upwards instead of pointing to the rider. Are those handlebar ends adjustable to your liking? That's a 10-speed, I suppose?
Thanks guys. Yes, those handle bar ends are ones I added. I like to be able to change things up and stretch out once in a while. It's a 24 speed. From what I understand is the frames are made by giant.
Nice ride. Even if it's not technically a road bike, it looks pretty light weight. How does it handle in comparison to other road bikes you have tried?
I really have not had much experience with full on road bikes to compare it to. I am guessing it's just under 30 pounds? I have not found an official weight but I have seen a similar model with disc brakes and without the carbon fork weigh in at just over 30 pounds. Just a guess though and compared to a road bike it's not really that light.

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