Wanted: VP, Product Development $110K - $125K plus 25% performance based bonus

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    VP,Product Development $110K - $125K plus 25% performance based bonus

    A leading Western food company is seeking a VP, Product Development.
    The individual will report to the CEO and is responsible for
    assessing, implementing and cost effectively managing product
    development and introduction resources and activities as well as all
    R&D activities. The typical range of responsibilities includes
    project management, providing insight and recommendations on current
    and future technical issues as well as customer support to the sales
    and marketing efforts of the company. The position will be responsible
    for all the R&D business activities and management/development of
    intellectual property.

    The individual will also;
    · Provide leadership and management for the approved research and
    development activities and the Product Development and Introduction
    (PD&I) process.
    · Evaluate results relative to product features, best processing
    approach, product costs, efficacy and general assessment of product
    · Work with the Marketing and Sales organization, recommend to
    management or customers the actions to be taken based on assessment of
    product potential at any stage during the introduction process.
    · Assess the technical feasibility of new product ideas developed
    within the company or by customers.
    · Identify the research and development activities that are needed to
    determine best production options, addressing potential problems and
    concerns and considering the complete product lifecycle. Typical span
    of planning would be within a 12 month timeframe with long-term vision
    within a 2 to 3 year period.
    · Responsible for the cost effective management of PD&I department and
    resources. This includes responsibility for the PD database,
    laboratory services for PD&I and creating systems to provide superior
    customer service for budgetary costing and feasibility assessments for
    new product inquiries.

    The individual will have at least 5 years of broad experience in
    research and development, marketing, production and manufacturing
    practices in the food, EFA or nutraceutical industries. You should
    have a degree in food sciences/sciences and MBA.

    If you think you are the right candidate for this dynamic senior
    position, please forward your CV in strict confidence to Kelly Jones,
    Recruiter, Human Capital Assets Inc, at [email protected]

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