Wanting to buy new commuter/hybrid bike (Avanti Discovery 8 or Giant Cypress City)


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Oct 9, 2005
Wanting to buy a new bike for city/around town/commuter use and have really decided that I wanted to try and get one of the new Shimano 8 speed hubbed bikes in a hybrid a go. Unfortunately there are not many around, especially with the Alfine or the redline (deluxe) nexus hubset. I really wanted a hybrid type this time with its better riding position as I already have a mountain bike (I find it very uncomfortable I have to lean over too much and can get lower back pains if I spend too long on it) which I keep damaging the derailer on getting it in and out of the car and in and out of the bike racks at uni.

I think that I have narrowed it down to the Avanti Discovery 8 as it has most of the features but doesn’t have mudguards (something that I would really like). This comes with a Shimano Nexus 8 speed hub. The other is a Giant Cypress City which comes with guards but only has a Shimano 7 speed nexus hub (don’t know where they got these from but Shimano no longer makes these) and most people seem to prefer the 8 speed.

My question is which has the better frame The Avanti has an alloy 6061 frame;


and the Giant has an ALEXX Fluid formed alloy (whatever that means)


The reason that I ask is that I wanted to try and get this bike to last a long time. I can’t seem to buy what I want (a hybrid with guards and an alfine hub set with disc brakes, rapid fire gear selector etc) but guess that I will just have to buy one of these and replace parts as necessary (or when I just get sick and tired of them).

Does anyone have any good or bad things to say about these brands, frames or hub sets? Thanks, Craig

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