WARNING GRS: Wet Ride Alternative



We had some wild weather the past few days. Lightning, 8" of rain, and
wind that took my patio set and tossed around like a feather (busted it
up pretty good too). Things calmed down on Sunday but obviously the
trails were saturated. The only only thing left was a road ride. So,
three of us saddled up the road bikes for 65 GRM on my patented
pinelands pinnacle. Here's the ride:


Not a bad B+ ride on less crowded, bike lane roads. As we rounded the
bend on rt. 53 in Chattsworth (Cranberry capital of NJ) we landed right
in the middle of 100's of tri-geeks in a race. Hey, it's a public road.
So we made the time trialers ride around us. That meant they had to
go faster because they had to cleanly pass us without drafting. Anyway,
looks like the top guy averaged 28.6 over 25 miles. I tried to catch a
few of them, but pooped out after about a mile. Here's their race data:


o-o-o-o Ride-A-Lot o-o-o-o