WARNING Winningtime and Champioship chips not compatible on the same bike!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Oct 24, 2001
Hi Guys Please tajke heed of the following:-

WARNING Championship Chips and Winningtime Chips on the same bike might give erratic timing results and are not advisable. Those doing the Supercycling race on Sunday must remember to remove the CC if it is mounted on your bike. Just unclip and store in a safe place and remember to put it back for the next race. Bike mounts similar to the CC holders will be available soon.

I seriously hope we do not get other timing chip companies in this country beause it wil cause great confudion and hassles and problems to remember what chip to put on your bike.

Keep those wheels spinning!!!!!

Big H

I had a conversation with Dave Belairs of WT and he confirmed that the one chip may influence the other. I am not sure how these things work but I must assume it is a magnetic field (coil) at the mats that pick up your code. I cannot see how they can influence each other but I am NOT going to take the risk.

Keep those wheels spinning

Big H