Watching a tour live ?!?!

Mr. Beanz

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Aug 18, 2015
Only tour I have seen was Tour of California. I think Chris Horner won that year on Radioshack.

We rode our bikes up the mountain about 6 miles so we could get a good spot to watch them roll by. Also if we looked west, we could see them below us on a lower mountain road heading to the road where we were, Glendora Mtn Rd.

But I'm sure we did not get on camera and if so, we didn't see it. But anyway, Gina and I were watching part of the TDF today, early morning. The riders went by the crowd and the shot was from the camera in front of the lead riders.

To the right, a nice looking woman jumps to the shoulder of the road and looks down at the riders with her back to the motorcycle camera so it captures her back side.

Gina and I could not help but laugh. Wow! So you make the TV camera and you turn around to look at the riders and the camera captures you with a big wedgie ha ha! Safari/ cargo type shorts, tan like in color. Nice looking lady but that was big Murph for the camera ha ha!

Not a bad stage, lots of suffering riders but I think that was the highlight of the ride ha ha!

We were wearing bike shorts when we went so no wedgies there! :D