Waterlogging Of The East Coast


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May 3, 2015
What a day. I signed up for the "Bike MS: City to Shore" ride in New Jersey, and what happens? The entire ride -- slated to start this Saturday, October 3 -- is cancelled thanks to hurricane Joaquin. Also thanks to the State of New Jersey declaring a state of emergency, which I support. Hurricane Sandy caused Jersey and New York residents a lot of misery. The Seagull Century Ride, on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, has been cancelled too, but I think more due to the very intense rains we are experiencing right now. Today it was raining a lot. Tomorrow will be much worse.

I could do the Fall Foliage Ride in the Shenandoah...I will think about it.

I as usual have football tickets for Saturday night. Not looking forward to going and not looking forward to more trainer time. Been on it twice tis week already. I have become spoiled with all the dry weather.
Bummer! Sounds like you were more than up and prepared for the ride too! :(
I'm thinking that since the "Bike MS" route is already marked, and I have cue sheets for it, then I can wait for the storms to pass and try to ride the route alone. There is one small difficulty: parts of Ocean City, New Jersey are flooded at the moment. I guess the town is going to be a road builder's dream as the local government and residents and business people all rush to repair the damage once the rains pass.

I can also do the Fall Foliage Ride in the Shenandoah, later this month, if they don't cancel it. http://shenandoahbike.org/registration/

The "Bike MS: City to Shore" ride organizers did the right thing canceling the ride, and I'm glad they gave most of the food they had purchased for riders and volunteers to food banks in Philadelphia. At least some hungry kids get a full belly tonight.

Thanks a ton

It's nice to bike a flooded road but only for leisure and not for cycling. I guess it is only proper to cancel that event because the wet roads, and particularly if there are stagnant floods, will pose dangers to the riders. And worse, it is not good to ride when the sights to see is the miserable state of condition of the place in disaster. Better luck next time. Just take it as a blessing in disguise and do not be disappointed because surely there are more events to come.

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