we are almost there Baby!!! CNN here we come!

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  1. we are almost there Baby!!! CNN here we come!
    We are going to make it to CNN with your help www.niggersandcrackers.com
    The concept is to try and get people talking about race without the whole
    political correctness tape on their mouths. I promise that you will learn
    something you didnt know before leaving
    The forum has a very decent selection of questions and posts already and the
    site is only 30 hrs old.
    there are questions about just about everything. And i would really
    appreciate anyone who answers the sample polls on the main site. It takes
    about 12 seconds to view the site and forum
    So just hit one of these links and lend me 15 seconds.

    mainsite link www.niggersandcrackers.com
    Forum link is on the main site, just click it and i promise you'll be
    pleasantly surprised. and while youre there read around i am in proccess of
    building an actual site. it just go hot so sudden, but the concept is new to
    this earth.