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Lewis Campbell

I was looking at the www.velonews.com site today and saw a link to this event:-


Below is an excerpt of what I saw. (YES, it does have recumbent content)


"The Tour d'Afrique was conceived in part to champion the bicycle as an alternative to the
automobile," explain the promoters. "The tour will point out that a group of individuals can even
cross a continent such as Africa in 100 days. By biking and by delivering the message for a rational
approach to transportation we hope to make an impact both on decision makers and on the people
around the world."

The program features 100 cycling days, averaging 105 km (66 miles) per day, broken up by 20 rest
days and sightseeing. Racers will start each day at sunrise, with tent and gear packed, water
bottles loaded, and energy snacks ready. Any gear not needed during the day will be collected and
packed onto one of the support trucks, which will travel ahead to set up camp. Race organizers
will provide dry food rations and attempt to obtain fresh vegetables and fruits wherever possible
(hence the warnings about that which starts with "D" and ends in "iarrhea), but tent set-ups and
meal preparation will be the responsibility of the contestants. Mountain bikes are recommended,
but the event is open to any human-powered vehicle, and both Gold and de Jong will be riding
recumbent bicycles.


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