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    Thanks all for the info we requested earlier about making this trip. We asked about renting bikes in
    venice and returning them in Pisa.

    September 16, 2003 is our Wisconsin departure date. We are going to take older bikes that we have
    (heavy 10 speeds), which we haven't riden in years (we are in our mid to late 50's), and sell or
    donate them to some worthy organization when we leave. This is going to be somewhat "seat of the
    pants". If anyone can suggest a reasonable price hotel in Venice, we would appreciate
    it.The Venice hotel is the only reservation we will make. After that we will do it on the fly. We
    plan to leave Venice and bike and Ferry to Chioggia, down the coast to Ravenna, over the
    mountains and west to Florence, on to Lucca and Pisa. We than want to leave our bikes in Pisa
    (any suggestions?) and go up to hike Cinque Terra for 2 or 3 days. At this point we do not know
    how tough the mountains will be, so we will reserve the right to catch a train if we can't bike
    them. We than fly out of Pisa to Milwaukee, Wisconsin where we return to our jobs. The total time
    we are allowing is 14 days. If you are interested in hearing about this trip after the fact, let
    us know. If you can give any advice, thats even better.

    If you live along the route, we would love to stop and see you. We would be willing to buy you a
    meal at a local cafe in exchange for a clean sheeted bed and an earlier morning cup of coffee.

    Thanks much-help appreciated.

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