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Mar 15, 2016

Fibre Flare is the latest name in bike safety gears which has been providing motorists and bikers with top notch bike safety light, led light and flexible light for more than 5 years. The fibre flare official bike safety lights have been designed by a team of Melbourne based engineers at Applied Linear Light (ALL) Innovations Pvt. Ltd. The founder of the company Xavier Jablonski is a passionate biker and inventor who once used to be a professional road cyclist. After facing a number of life threatening accidents and close shaves while cycling in the dark, Xavier thought about the need for effective biking safety lights which would allow the cyclist to be better seen at night. Invented in 2006 and launched at the Interbike (USA) in 2008, Fibre Flare is the new name for efficient bike lights. Once can choose from more than 18 superior biking safety gear and wearable light from the official site of Fibre Flare.


Fibre Flare USB- the Fibre Flare USB rechargeable pack is a very useful little device which would help cyclists in more than one way. The super small USB light comes in 2 colors – red and white with several housing options. It would enable you to recharge your mobile devices through any standard USB port. It comes with superb burn times and allows the user to recharge more than 500 times. Finally bikers would be able to enjoy all the benefits of rechargeable USB without the use of batteries.


Fibre Flare Side Lights – Fibre Flare side lights have taken biking safety to an entirely new level altogether. Completely different from the regular front and rear cycle lights, the Side lights by Fibre Flare would help to enhance the overall side visibility of the rider while adding a dash of style and color to the ride. The Side Lights which should ideally be used along with the regulatory lights, are specially crafted to be mounted on the top or down tube of your cycle. The side lights by Fiber Flare greatly help to enhance the overall visibility of the biker. Almost 70% of bike and car collision in the night happens due to scanty side visibility. It goes without saying that side visibility is a crucial aspect when it comes to riding in the dark. The Fibre Flare side lights are available in 3 different sizes- 290 mm, 250 mm and 210mm. You can choose from 5 kinds of colored LED Light – red, blue, white, green and yellow.


MVP Helmet Light – The newest item from Fibre Flare, the MVP helmet lights would allow the biker to be clearly visible from all angles at more than 300 meters distance. Powered by 4 AAA batteries the MVP helmet light would provide the rider with the best visibility at head height. This helmet light comes with a burn time of 150 hours in strobe mode and 30 hours in constant mode. Available in 3 colors – red, green and yellow, the MVP helmet lights by Fibre Flare can also be used as snowboard helmet light, construction helmet light or motorcycle helmet light.


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