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Discussion in 'The Bike Cafe' started by Guest, Aug 11, 2002.

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    Hi guys,

    Take a look at www.roadcycling.net , its still in the process of being built, but i'd be interested in your comments.

    The classifieds uses an access database to store the data (yuk) its the best free one I could find.

    The search index uses the same database as the one on cyclingforums.com, you can only add sites at cyclingforums.com

    ATM they are the same articles you have probably read on this site. We have more in the pipeline and you can now use a search function to search the articles.

    hrmmm nothing here yet, if anyone owns a bike shop in Australia and wants to sell online please email me ;D

    Only a few news headlines will be posted each day or two, there will be a link to the full story and also a link to a discussion on this forum.

    There are still a few dead links throughout the site, but like the title says, its just a preview ;)


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    looks good , why dont you incorporate the cycling foums as part of that site? save you have to have 2 domain names.? Unless you have money to burn., if so can i have some?.

    My monitor has blown the red lazer i think so i cant tell if the page has any red, ahh well.

    That site is like a Cycling launch pad, it has...will have nearly every thing. The graphics looks good. not to complecated.
    I think Prolinx.nu has the best graphics..sorry steve. but you are doing a great job
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    Site looks really good. All the info is close to hand. What program did you use to script it?
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    Just dreamweaver 2 and php coder, the classifieds app is a freebie which was quite easy to setup/edit, it uses an access DB so its nothing flash but will do the job quite well.

    Give it a month or two and we'll have some decent content happening.
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    Looks good to me! I agree with Gear Grinder though, why not include this forum into roadcycling.net? It would make a great cycling portal. Aim for the moon (which is www.velo-club.net in this case) and you will at least reach the stars...  ;D
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    YaBB doesnt work with any portal software thats any good.