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Stephen Martin

Hey fellow MTBr's I am in dire need for some ideas. I own and operate which is a
Mountain Bike site geared toward the Midwestern USA. That site is decent but you can only have so
much info about a general area, especially Midwest. SO I went out and bought a few different domain
names, and I would like these sites to have information about
Mountain Biking in general, but am unsure what to have on it. So I am wondering if you could answer
a few questions for me. Also if you have other mountain bike friends go ahead and have them fill it
out and e-mail it to me as well. They can send it to [email protected].

1. When you search for Mountain Biking, what are you usually searching for?
2. Do you participate in other online discussion groups? Which ones and why?
3. Do you buy mountain Bike items online? If yes do you shop for lowest price or do you go to
the same place every time?
4. How do you find trails in your area?
5. How do you find Bike Shops in your area?
6. If you traveled out of town and brought your bike how would you find trails and/or shops?
7. If a MTB website offered free e-mail accounts would you sign up?
8. If they offered free personal web pages would you sign up?
9. Do you have pictures of you and/or friends riding?
10. Do you participate in Mountain Bike races? If yes, would you be interested in writing
results or articles about the race?
11. How many times do you ride a month? How many times do you think about riding but don't?

If you could copy all of the questions into an e-mail and send it to [email protected] it would
help me out a lot.

Thank you for all of your help with this. Steve Martin
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get out and ride.



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