weight loss and weight tracker I wrote

Hi All,
I am a middle-aged guy who finally got fed up with the middle-aged
spread that has crept up on me over the past few years. I have lost 50
pounds since March! I have been using (the principles of) the South
Beach, along with a daily workout. I really feel great!

One of the things that has really helped keep me motivated is a
spreadheet I made to track my weight progress (I have been tracking my
BP too.) It occurred to me that others might benefit from this. So,
being a web programmer, I wrote an online application to do this. The
weighttracker is free, with no annoying ads (in other words, REALLY
free.) Signup is anonymous, although I do ask for your email in case
you forget your password (the system will email it to you). I use it
every weigh-in and find it really helpful. I hope you will too.

To see a demo, click on the 'login as Guest' button.

Take care,