well done Reading borough Council!

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Towards the end of last year I mentioned a 20 zone was going up in my area on my route to work as
there was a primary school there.

Well the signs said "work starts on 2003-01-06". and so it did.

Not only were the works started on time and in an acceptable timescale (well I'm not a highways
engineer but it seemed like good progress to me), it caused minimum disruption, and the design is
such the humps permit *me* to go about my route at a respectable speed, but they keep the kids safe
from rat-running cagers, *and* permit an ambulance or other blue light vehicle access either to the
school, the residential areas surrounding it or the BBC monitoring service (which has been subject
to suspect CRBN attack after
9/11 )

Well done to all who were involved in this project - this is a good example of one that has been
thought through. No doubt some drivers will complain, but they have an entire fast-moving main road
to use just parallel to this road so IMO they don't really have much of a case.

A lot of the kids from this school cycle there anyway (they also do cycling proficiency tests)

Oh, and the 20 sign has a cute picture of a tortoise below it ;)

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