well learned a good leason today. Must have things on your bike or near by in car.


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Sep 9, 2012
first aid kit. went to a park where they recently make these courses for beginners, intermediate and advance bikers. guess my kid got bored on beginners and intermediate and decided he give the advance a try. look dad here I go. well he made it just when he finished he turned and bike went under causing him to go over causing knee scraps and hand. least it was minor. but I was lucky lady had first aid to help out cause one knee was bleeding a bit.

first thing tomorrow get a good kit for the car to have as safety gear.
I know what you mean bro, I have experienced it also when I was teaching my 2 boys how to ride my old BMX bikes and they did suffer some bruises in the park, I was teaching them on the unpaved portion, in the dirt track so as not to cause any cuts if they fell but after they learned how to balance they went to the paved cemented portion and one of them fell down causing a bloody gash in his leg which was hit by the pedal. Luckily there was a medical unit in the park that gave first aid.