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Discussion in 'Mountain Bikes' started by Timothy Lee Bur, Jan 23, 2003.

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  1. Trentus,

    Nice job explaining the real problem. If anyone has more stories like this, keep them coming.

    I do enjoy the damaged trails pictures and whatnot but I have seen many damaged hiking trails that
    are only used by hikers. Take Camels' hump here in Vermont. There are about two or three places
    where the trail has been moved a hundred feet or so to avoid people walking on the destroyed, rutted
    and washed out part. You can find this on the rear climb of the Mountain coming from Richmond.

    What's also great to point out though is how well the old trail is returning to forest. The old
    parts are now covered with leaves, shrubs and small trees. Maybe I will post some pictures in the
    coming summer. Of course it's a hiking trail but it's still nice to see a rutted, washed out trail
    returning to a better state.


  2. Trentus

    Trentus Guest

  3. Actually, I was talking about an article where Trentus was talking about trail damage in Australia
    due to logging and whatnot. The bike cleaning thread is very interesting though!

    I keep starting new threads by accident. Is it because I change the subject sometimes?

  4. Trentus,

    Ooops, I was replying to your post in the mudbath thread. I don't know where I go the Australia
    thing either.

    This is EXACTLY what I was replying to:

    "Sorry, but this trail is a logging track (not being used at present while it's a Mtn Bike Trail,
    but there are still signs warning bikers that trucks can use these tracks) There is no way that I
    couldn't possibly rut it any worse than the trucks do.

    Not to mention that the substantial depth of leaf and tree litter that now covers the ungroomed
    trails, is about the only thing that's going to get a rut in it. Beneath this leaf and branch litter
    the undersurface is compressed decompossed granite, which is usually what's used on Australian
    fire/logging trails, and is as tough as nails. If water courses are put across it (they are and they
    make great jumps) then there isn't much going to rut it.

    The majority of the mud came from the thousands of tons of dust and dirt - lifted from the massive
    areas of drought affected farming land across Australia - and dumped in a massive dust storm that
    came across half the East Coast." -Trentus

    Okay, glad I got that all cleared up. No more messing up for me!

  5. I think I got this whole message thing figured out. I don't know what the problem is. I am CS major
    and use computers all the time. A simple newsgroup is giving me trouble!

    I agree that all these posts flying around everywhere is annoying. I have not started downhilling
    yet. That's my task for next summer.

    Thanks for straigtening me out. Here's my web site if you are interested:

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