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Discussion in 'UK and Europe' started by Dave, Sep 22, 2003.

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  1. Dave

    Dave Guest

    Finally got caught out in some serious downpour for the first time in a very long time...so, here's
    the ratings for the kit I've purchased since my last venture out in reasonably heavy rain -
    1. Decathlon neoprene overshoes - 7/10, doing great up until I had to slam foot hard down to brake
    as my leather pads on chromed steel rims were less than useless. At this point water got into my
    shoes, but hey, I was trying to water ski through a puddle at the time. I really hate getting
    wet, cold feet, so these are useful.
    2. Aldi teflon coated cycling jacket - 2/10. Purchased a couple of months ago, along with a pair of
    cycling shorts. I was under the impression that this was waterproof. Obviously not, but warm
    enough once cycling. Probably is if you're in a car ;-)...or maybe showerproof covers it.
    3. Ron Hill Bikesters - 9/10. Bought last week. Got a bit wet, body protecting legs as on DF rather
    than 'bent, but dried out very quickly and continued to keep me warm throughout, highly
    recommended. This is the cheaper version, not the super-duper high-tech waterproof version. As I
    was riding to a school where I was then talking to children for an hour and a half, then riding
    home again, I found it very useful that my leg muscles didn't get cold and damp.
    4. OutdoorScene technical outdoor gear t-shirt as base layer. 8/10. Considering I got wet through
    the jacket, the t-shirt dried out very quickly and didn't let me get too cold, apart from the 10
    mins where I was sitting in front of an open window while it was still wet 8-(.
    5. Fingerless cycling gloves from Aldi. Fine for dry weather, who am I kidding for wet!! Nothing
    worse than putting on a pair of cold, soaked through fingerless gloves for the return journey.
    Fingers had started to go numb about 100yds from school when setting out. Not too bad once I'd
    got the circulation going again, about a mile further on.

    So, for future 'wet ones' I think I'll be reverting to using the Berghaus waterproof jacket and full
    fingered neoprene gloves.....

    Cheers, hope you didn't get too wet today,

    Dave (drier now;-)

Thread Status:
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