Well, you thought YOU'VE heard all the comments?

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    So there I was, riding tonight.

    Urban trials, and time in the saddle, with light, I love
    night riding in the city.

    I hop up 5 stairs, ride along the top of the walkway, to
    where I either ride down the 5 stairs, or clear them via
    a big hop.

    Tonight felt like a hop night.

    I could tell in the air that I was not going to land it with
    much finesse, and just as I thought, my weight was too far
    back. The wheel got out from under me, my left wrist gaurd
    and left foot touched the ground, while my right hand was
    still holing the handle.

    You can picture it, not to bad, the kind where a non-rider
    might say 'ohhhhhhhh' and a rider might only say, 'you ok?'
    (while not really waiting for an answer because of course
    I'd be ok)

    Then it happened.

    A pickup truck approaches.

    the window rolls down.

    the passanger actually has to adjust his position to lean
    further out the window.

    What he says is loud as it is right by me, but fades to
    quiet as the truck drives away.

    One girl waiting for the bus turns to the other, 'Did that
    F**Kin idiot REALLY just yell that?!??'

    I adjusted my light, laughed about how stupid people are,
    and rode away.

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    That guy must have been a genius. I have heard that one
    thrown at me Brian, but it was when I fell into the lane of
    a bowling alley. You can just imagine, the guy probably
    drove away realising how much of an idiot he sounded like.

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