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Discussion in 'Cycling Equipment' started by Guest, Nov 26, 2001.

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    I'm unfamiliar with the performance of KHS bikes, but for the
    price, this bike seems like a real good deal.

    http://www.supergo.com/itemdisplay.asp?compflag=0&parentid=18251&co mpany=KHS&secid=7559&subid=7

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    Aug 11, 2001
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    Awesome machine! Great components! I know Sean_L rides a KHS (Flite 800, methinks), and he only has good things to say about it. I think it's an excellent buy.
    Once again I want to urge you to get yourself measured (if you havent done so already). There's nothing worse than buying such a great bike only to find that it's too big for you.

    Good luck with your purchase!
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    My 1999 model KHS Flite 800 that I ride basically became the Flite 1000 in 2000 although the new model is a very slightly downgraded and is actually much cheaper. The new Flite 800 is now a Reynolds 853 frame.

    THe frame and groupset is exactly the same with the only major difference being the old Flite 800 came with Rolf Vector Pro wheels and has different handlebar, stem, headset and seatpost.

    The frame is ultra stiff and can be a little unforgiving until you get used to it. But once you are used to it you can really appreciate the frame response with a very direct transfer of power to the road. I've had nothig but joy from the bike apart from a broken STi lever.
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    Hey thx the for scoop. The details are great, and makes me
    feel better for placing my order earlier yesterday. Though
    they're backordered for 6 weeks. So I'm going to try to keep
    my eyes shut and not noticing any christmas deals that might
    pop till they deliver my KHS.