What about this motobecane?


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Aug 3, 2005
I'm looking in to getting my first mtn bike. It will likely be my last as I'll never go beyond intermediate level competition. (other priorities). My budget is under $1K. I was considering the Trek 6500, but then I saw this:


What do you think about this bike? And is there any other bike in my price range that would be a better value?

Intended usage? Weekend rides at my local mtn bike park. It's a technical trail...but my definition of 'technical' may be relative. It takes me a little over an hour to cover the 8 mile loop and I'm in decent shape. I'm an avid roady.

Thanks for the advice.


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Sep 19, 2004

Note the negative remarks about bikesdirect. And the Motobecane non responses to warranty issues. IMHO thats a deal killer. I wont buy from a LBS with crappy service, why an internet dealer that sucks? To save a few bucks? I'd prefer to spend it at a place that will warranty their work and help me out.

Aside from that:
Avid BB5s arent the best. Better than most other mech discs, but theyre not BB7s for sure.
Rock Shox have never made a good rear shock.
The J4 fork is very low end.
Cheapie free **** pedals.

Its a nice low price, but you get what you pay for.