what are the nine kinds of mountain bikes

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    There Is More Than One Way to Ride a Mountain Bike

    by Alison Addy

    Discusses the nine kinds of mountain biking and the types of
    mountain bikes used for each kind.

    There are nine different kinds of mountain biking, each offering
    its own unique type of thrill or enjoyment. read more

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    ok...never thought of BMX as mt. biking; skate parks and prepared tracks are the mainstay of the BMX, much less so the trails/forests, etc.

    definitions are going along OK at first, but: WTF is 'free mountain biking'? is this a reference to freeriding? if so, that definition is WAY off! freeriding is extreme, requiring lots of skill in near-impossible terrain, and 'staying close to the ground' is not even an issue. freeriders are the pioneers of 'big air'!

    trail mountain biking is in no way restricted to low-slung frames or small wheels; it is the largest segment of mt. biking out there. the bikes are not special as compared to others; in fact, most trail bikes are the standard against which other categories are measured.

    alison may be a frequent contributor, but she doesn't come across as someone who's involved in, much less passionate for, the sport.