What are your funny racing quirks/rituals/tricks?



I went to Gulf Coast this weekend and saw some very interesting things. People duct taping "goo" packets the bike frame while others used Bento boxes. People clipping their shoes on their bike before putting their feet in them, versus running through transition with bike shoes. People riding with their feet out of their shoes. People praying with wooden beads. People who swear on the same breakfast of a bagel, cream cheese, and a banana before every race. People who seek out only certain flavors of "goo". People who seek out on certain flavors of energy drinks. People who will pack their favorite flavor energy drink as a powder in little 35mm film containers to dump into their water bottles as they refill because they don't have it at the race.

There are many quirks, rituals, and superstitions that people follow in preparing or actually participating in a race. What do you do? Is there something that you have to have a certain way or you feel like you aren't ready to give 110 percent? Just curious. Everyone has something and has a good reason for doing it. Throw it out there, you may not be the only one.
funny you should ask...

i usually paddle my buttocks until pink while on the starting line just before the start. this usually gets my glutes warmed up and everyone else stays the hell away during the race.


i do have a food ritual the night before and morning of a race though. spaghetti with ground turkey meat sauce for dinner. then, breakfast is a whopping stack of pancakes somthered with butter and syrup. breakfast is always at least 3 hours before the race.

not too weird i don't think.
My sister bought me a pair of cycling socks once, and the first time I wore them at a race, I rode a great time. Now I wear them to each race. ;)
My rituals seem to be dependent on the level of hype surrounding an event. For the Argus, for e.g. my "ritual-count" (RC) would be a full-blown 10.

For the local Spar shop fun-ride, RC would be down to -1.

There are just too many rituals and nuances to mention, but one fairly important one involves latrines and toilet paper! :eek:
My rituals focus on the ONLY three things that you need to win races. Please take note as I will only give this information once!

  • Brown smooth legs!
  • A shiney bike!
  • A big kit bag!
You heard it here first.
a "big kit bag"...you aren't one of the goofballs riding criteriums with the 5-pound seat bag are you?
for shame!


Let's see...pre-race rituals:

1. no matter how early the race...the legs must be smooth.
2. peanut butter, banana and honey sandwiches and a chai tea followed by
1 bottle of extran drinking all the way to the start.
3. a full 40 minute trainer warmup...if I don't do it I may as well ride in the sag wagon

I think that things like bringing specific types and flavors of energy supplements is important. you do not want to do anything NEW on raceday. Eating 3 hours before the race...gives time for the body to digest and replenish its glycogen stores.

Persistence...For a triathlon, practice getting on your bike with shoes already on the pedals...you will be amazed at the time you can save at the t1 zone...and you won't tear up your cleats.
Big saddle bag, no! Big kit bag over the shoulder, yes! How else do you carry all those clothes, kit, supplements and go faster secrets to a race?
Pre race we have a smoothie - low fat yoghurt with 2% milk and fruit - banana, paw paw or mango.

My ritual is that I do not strap my left hand glove untill right before the race. Weird but I do it very time. Dunno why!!!!!

Keep those wheels spinning

Big H