What do you think about these choices?


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Sep 24, 2021
Hello everyone, I need some advice from people that are into cycling. I am going to pickup a bike soon for mainly for exercise, local running around, possibly commuting but nothing to crazy.

I think most of my riding will be around the neighborhood only because it's just there when you open your door. However want I want to get into, is riding trails and paths in the local area (Newnan, Ga), just because I'm not sharing the road with vehicles and the possible hazards that doing that could bring.

When I say trails and paths I do not mean crazy, I need another Red Bull stuff. I'm looking for fairly manicured paths in the woods or whatever but I have no intention of doing tricks, racing or really even getting the thing off the ground... that may happen in a spur of the moment kinda thing but I'm a fairly fit 53... so in general, pretty much not going to be doing that.

My question is on bike selection. Trek is all I've looked at so far and though I originally was thinking the Dual Sport 2, those are pretty much gone and everyone I talk to thinks I should maybe be looking at Marlins, which is what I've been doing. The Marlin 6 was my first choice but the tubeless tire readiness and other features of the Marlin 7 sounds like it is seriously worth looking at.

My height is aroung 6'ft 4" to 6' ft 4.5" or 193 to 194 centimeters. My inseam is about 34" or about 86/87 centimeters.

The bikes, sizes and colors I am currently interested in but some can be hard to find:

All 2022 Trek Models
Unsure in the size will be XL or XXL, I need to try them out

Marlin 6 ($799.99) - 1st choice is Factory Orange but if that is not available, Rage Red to Dnister Black Fade

Marlin 7 ($979.99) - 1st choice is Matte Nautical Navy/Matte Anthracite but if that is not available, Marigold to Radioactive Red Fade
That Marlin 7 price is really the most I want to pay.

What are your thoughts? Marlin 6, Marlin 7, another choice?

Sometimes the key first step in any buying decision is learning the nomenclature. Then you can easily look compare apples to apples. What you are looking for is probably a 'hard tail' mountain bike. Front suspension but none in the rear.

There are a lot of nice mountain bikes out there. I would take a look at the 'Trail' line from Cannondale. The nice thing is that they have a gang of models in prices from $2,200 down to only $600. So you can probably find something in your price range.
i have those bikes too. what i dont like is the issues to find parts if somthing is not working. gladly i found that company AUTO PRO LOCKSMITH since they have all the parts for that model. do if you have anything just give a call.
Why would a locksmith have parts for a bicycle? Oh, that's right, you're a hack, no one on a bike forum is going to be interested in a locksmith so go to a building forum and post your nonsense there.

Back to the bike thing. Crevice, do you plan on doing fast down hill aggressive riding? if not, then why are you looking at a suspended bike? Really, a suspension fork bike under $1,200 are using poor quality suspension forks and get really bad the cheaper the bike is. The other issue is that when that fork fails it could cost you half the price of what you paid for the bike! And cheap forks take energy to pedal the bike forward, not to mention they are heavy.

If you're going to be riding mostly on the road with some light off road use save some money in the short and long term and get a rigid bike. I ride a rigid bike off road and on gravel with no problem.

If you are dead set on a suspension fork bike then consider the Giant STP ss, though this bike will stretch your budget but it is well packaged with 110mm of fork travel the most travel of any bike in your price point. If your mind is set on one of the Treks then consider the Marlin 6, it has much of what the 7 has but for little less money. Another great option is the Specialized Rockhopper Comp 29 fork has 100mm of travel. If you want something cheaper than any of these bikes look at the REI Co-op Cycles DRT 1.1, it's a rare bike at that price point that has a 100mm of fork travel, but the component package is bottom end Shimano.