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In article <[email protected]>, Tony W wrote:
>The S frame appears to have a spectacular weakness in that the entire front end is supported only
>through the top loop of the S. The back end is braced -- to some extent -- by the suspension
>element. It the top and bottom loops are of similar stiffness -- ignoring the suspension element --
>which seems a reasonable assumption given the sizing of the tubes etc. either the suspension
>element is little more than decoration or the front of the bike is attached with something as stiff
>as a rubber band.

It's twin "top" tubes, single tube for the back, and it might not all be the same thickness. Plenty
of "women's" framed town bikes don't have any more support for the front.

Having said that, I'd be surprised if you couldn't get comparable flex in the places you want it
with less weight using a more conventional design. I'd be curius to see reviews though.
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