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    Jul 21, 2005
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    my boyfriend is 6ft and 175lbs, and likes to ride rough. he broke my trek 4700 just messing around out on some heavy trails and little jumps...over $150 to repair!! taking this into consideration, i have come to the conclusion that he needs a very durable bike, with respectable conponents, b/c in a couple of years he'll end up replacing most of the conponents anyway, but it needs to last at least two years of abuse from him. i am on a BIG budget, so I can't spend more than $450. Currently, we like the Gary Fisher Opie, Fuji Panic, and possibly the IBEX Ignition-1. Also, because he also needs to use this bike as his primary form of transportation e.g. getting to work and such, we are not sure if we should go with a hardtail(my personal favorite) or a full suspension. Anybody got some suggestions?