What Front Forks ?

Discussion in 'Mountain Bikes' started by Guest, Oct 27, 2001.

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    Simple question - What front forks would you recommend ?

    I own a Kona Blast, while I love the bike the forks are the one thing that I want to upgrade, at present it has the Isync 327 forks that came with the bike and in all honesty they are pretty poor.

    So any Recommendations ?

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    Ok, so personally I don't have front suspension forks.
    But 'they' say Judy Rock Shox are the best. I'm not really sure why, though...

    Look around for a few different brands, then jump onto
    and no doubt there will be a review from riders everywhere who have tried out the particular brand.

    This site is very useful if you want to know the strengths and weaknesses of particular parts or even whole bikes!

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    Thanks for the advice it seems a helpful site. :)

    this is my favourite time, when the makers start bringing out 2002 season goods, and the shops start selling 2001 season goods at realistic prices. It's an excellent time to pick up a bargain
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    My current ride is the first time I've tried the Marzocchi (I don't know if I spelled that right) - but anyway - it ROCKS!

    This fork is so CUSH. If XC is your thing, then check these out! I have the z-2 atom air. ;D
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    To be more helpful, I'd need to know your professed 'riding style' and the terrain you typically assault. Also, your weight can factor in to picking an apropriate type of fork, as in "Air or Coil"

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    Sorry for not replying sooner.
    The terrain is mostly Forestry Roads ,Single track(heaven) and some but not much Downhill (the baby courses :D)

    My weight is 11 stone (154 pounds)
    and my riding style is gasping for breath kinda style( I am getting on you know. I wonder what the age of most of you are because I get the distinct feeling I'm the old man of the bunch and I'm only 37- stop laughing at the back.)
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    25 here mate
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    28 - I feel 40.


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    Jan 19, 2002
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    What year is your Blast?(2000 or 01)?
    Is it Mango or white?I have a Blast 2000 (Mango) it USED TO HAVE the RST 371 forks,not anymore,last year I 've installed some MARZOCCHI Bomber Z4,What a diffference so much plusher...
    :D :D :D...
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    Jan 19, 2002
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    Oops!!I forgot to leave my age at the door...
    You thought you were old hey Lazarus,I beat you,I'm 41!!!
    Baboon be Quiet!!!!
    Age shmage,you are as old as you are,::)hmmmm not the way it was suppose to come out... :-/
    You are as old as you WANNA BE!!! ;D
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    Error:- It's been pointed out by my wife (trust her to notice ;)) that in fact I'm 38, being 38 doesn't worry me,. What does worry me is that two days ago I thought I was 37 when in fact I'm 38, so I cannot imagine how old I be in another week.

    Welcome Deroyo
    How are things going in your neck of the woods.
    I own a 2001 Blast and it's my pride and joy, on the age front I totally agree with you , the only people who seem to have a problem with me going MT biking are non-bikers.
    When your out on a bike, any other biker immediatly becomes your friend and it's this friendship that makes cycling so GREAT.
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    Jan 19, 2002
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    That comment at the bottom of your post,I resent"I'm too old for this"NOT TRUE!!!!!If you're too old ,what does that make me? :p J/K
    At this time of year :'( :'( :'(I don't ride in my neck of the woods,because the ground is LITTERED with snow :'( :'(and my bike does not see the snow!!!( I don't ski nor board)
    But during the riding season which is from the end of april to the end of nov.(sometimes mid dec) it's great!!!
    It's not a "MECCA" like the western part of Canada (British Colombia) but it's not all that flat either(a happy medium)
    Yes,I know and agree with what you say when you talk of your Blast,mine's the same,I don't race so this bike is perfect for me...With a few more upgrades,I will be extatic!!!
    Like MBC has mentionned in one of the previous posts,
    MARZOCCHI is the fork of choice for me,well for her also and I think Baboon also.Anyway before this turns into an epic post,I better put it to bed,catch you later...
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    A) wow. didn't think anyone on this board would notice I was around.

    B) With your weight and age (I'm past 38, so quit whining) durability isn't the same issue with you as it is with the goofball Canucks under 20 who force the issue.

    Price and adjustability are more important factors. Marzocchi has a grossly distended following in British Columbia, but outside of that area, you have different groups with different experiences.

    A friend of mine, Freak, who's about 29, ex-Marine, races Dual Slalom, and weighs around 200lbs, has had good results since last March with a Manitou Black.

    Another friend of mine, Acadian, who's 27, 155lbs, races DS and DH, has been pretty happy with his Psylo since last April.

    I've always been happy with Marzocchi and the better Judys (old school) and burlyier SID's. I'm about 190lbs and ride off stairs, occasionnaly.

    If you walked into my shop with the same question, I'd say a less expensive, last-year's model Manitou or Rockshox fork, several steps above the 'bottom rung' would do you just fine.
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    Jan 19, 2002
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    Aw C'mon!!! You think we would not see you???
    When Nobody is in da room,we know he's here. ::)
    I think I might have found a face for ya!!! :p :D
    What was dat about the Cannucks...I know,it's all good!!!
    I agree with Nobody(I still have problems with dat)with him,dat guy dere,Love your nick (just for dat)...
    Like he said,you don't need to buy a top of the line Marz,I didn't I have a Bomber  Z4,but it's an improvement,from the fork that was on the bike!!!
    Hmmm,how about getting Acadien and Freak over here? 8)
    Oh and BTW... You quit your whinning also!I'm 41.
    But I'll keep quit also,Old Timmer/72 I'm impress,really impress,I hope I can ride,when I'm...,if I make it that far... :)
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    Nobody , thanks for the advice it's been taken aboard. :)

    I've only mentioned the age thing because for a while around here I felt that I was the oldest and I was interested to find out how old the other members were. Now that this forum has come alive that theory has been thrown out the window(From my perspective as a non-roadie :D).

    If the truth be said I well proud to be 38 and do what I do.

    ;D 8) :eek: 8) ;D
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    I'm 30.

    Mid-age crisis anyone??

    My fork pick is

    Rock Shox Psylos '02 :D

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    you lot an age....geeeees.... i am 17 ;D, dont get to do half the stuff or ride half the time of what i want to coos mum is hawkin' down my throat :mad:. yeah bout the forks. RShox are ok, i have the new Psylo SL's sweet fork, maybe a little soft for my 75 kg fat arse but hey, they lifyt u bak out of that huge hole u almost went in. dont get a rock shox rear shock tho..... they are SHIT!
    first day i blew the biatch! :-/ third day, with no oil in the shock, i broke the u-turn cap on the fork. :-*read the "dont adjust whilst riding the bike" :'( the uturn is cool if u r a wanka. clim-it control rox, altho i had to top the oil coos deadshit me undid the lockout rod when the fork was hot. STUPUD! ??? ??? ???
    well, psylos are cool, get a fox man! they are some seriously awesome forks!
    l8r! :p
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    I must be the Grand Daddy at 48, I ride with judy tt forks and they seemto suit mt style,I'm 14 st and like singletrack, fave places, north yorks, sherwood forestry park and norfolk. you want someting simple to useand dont need too regular servicing.
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    Hi Eric 1789 ?

    Another Brit, welcome

    If this keeps up we'll be able to take on the Boks and the Aussie here ;D
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    Dependin on wut u are going to be rideing
    Dual Slolam
    Down Hill
    Dirt Jumping
    Cross Country
    over all i would get marzoochi's ;D