what height should i get?




:confused: I have no clue about unicycling or anything remotely related
to the outdoors or exercise (sorry) but my big brother just loves
anything and everything to do with outside, learning tricks and doing
cool stuff that not everyone else can do (and if it has any risk of
maiming or death, he's right in there!):cool:

.....so, i want to get him a unicycle for christmas (its one of the few
things he hasnt tried yet). the thing is he's 6'2" and a lot of the
ones on ebay (i know, i a cheapskate but hey, im a student) seem to be
pretty small (24" was the tallest i found) so i was wondering what
height i should be looking for and if you could recommend anywhere that
sells them cheap.

Thanx very much :)

Clare x

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if money is an issue i would get a 20" torker lx. if money is not an
issue i would get the torker 20" torker dx. 20" are usually the best
to learn with. You should get one along with buying your others. When
I started my friend and I would have competitions to see who could go
farther. I think that watching someone else screwup:cool: helps you
not screw up and both of the learners lean quicker


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a begginers 24" is probaly just fine, or you could get a 20" and make
sure the seat post is long enough. i dont know where the cheapest place
is but ebay is a good start, hope you find one.;)


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20" and 24" Torkers usually ship with a seatpost suitable for tall
folks. I'm 6'0" and am able to ride comfortably on a 20" DX.

eBay's your best bet for low price, but forget customer service... if
you can afford an extra $10 or $20, go with an on-line retailer (as
opposed to the wholesalers you'll run into on eBay) and you'll have
someone to call if anything's wrong with the uni.

Do a little homework and check the Better Business Bureau file on your
retailer (you can search from the BBB's web site) before making the
purchase... some on-line retailers are dirty crooks and you won't find
out until it's too late!


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I wouldn't go for a 20" for the first unicycle. 24" would be just right,
and the stock seatpost should fit anybody.

And with Torker, you cant go wrong. Go for the LX or DX though.


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Wheel size should not be related to how tall the rider is. Seatpost
length is related to rider height. Tall people can ride 20" unis just
fine, and I've seen people 5'3" on a 36" uni. The larger the wheel, the
faster you go, the smaller the wheel, the more tricks and skills you
can do on it. 20" and 24" are by far the two most common sizes, with
24" being the best for normal riding around town and most tricks. 20"
is great for lots of tricks/skills, but slow for distances. There are
also Munis (mountain unis) which are 24" and Trials unis which are 20"
Mod (fits a 19" rim) but those are both expensive. The Torker LX is the
strongest cheap unicycle out there, and is available in both 20 and 24"
sizes. I own a 20" torker LX and highly recommend it (or the 24"


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I would suggest the Torker LX off of ebay. It's the cheapest decent
unicycle you will find anywhere, I think.

As for the size of unicycle, they are measured in the diameter of the
wheel. So a 24" unicycle has a 24" diameter wheel, which is a good
size to learn on (probably better for his height, too).

If you think your brother will want to learn a lot more than just
riding around, then you may want to get the 20" unicycle. It's better
for tricks.

Hope that helps


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